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Training Toys & Props

Using training toys is proven to improve the speed and effectiveness of learning. Cover more content in less time and make it easy for delegates to digest complex information. Keep your audience alert, invigorated and optimistic throughout the day.

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Porcupine Balls Neon (Pack of 36)
Great value pack (36) of porcupine ball table toppers perfect for any creative training or class roo..
Inc. VAT: £10.79
Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Pocket sized portable speaker with incredible sound quality, tracks controlled through your mobile p..
Inc. VAT: £31.14
Printed Tangles
Tangles are the original fun, twisty toy. The ultimate stress reliever, creativity enhancer, and edu..
Inc. VAT: £3.18
Professional Juggling Balls (set of 3)
Set of 3 brightly coloured 120g juggling balls filled with seed makes them feel soft and easy&n..
Inc. VAT: £11.40
Prompt Cards - Level 1
What would you do when...? What happens if...? How would you manage this...? 20 fabulous prompt c..
Inc. VAT: £15.30
Prompt Cards - Level 2
How would you deal with this ...? Why did it happen...? How could you solve the problem...? 20 fa..
Inc. VAT: £15.30
Puffy Animals (Pack of 4)
4 pack of soft and squishy air-filled ball animals. They're covered in rubbery hair-like tendri..
Inc. VAT: £10.79
Puzzleman - The Ultimate Puzzle Hero! Puzzleman is sold as a cube. Mission one is to transform..
Inc. VAT: £9.59
Q Cards
A must for any trainer, this little pack of 52 brightly coloured cards each with a picture and text ..
Inc. VAT: £21.00
Question Dice (set of 6)
Set of 6 dice and drawstring bag specifically sourced for The Training Shop. Ideal for any crea..
Inc. VAT: £8.34
Quote Card Set - Coaching
Quote cards are an essential weapon in any trainer’s arsenal. The Coaching cards are part of the ..
Inc. VAT: £15.30
Quote Card Set - Questioning and Listening
Quote cards are an essential weapon in any trainer’s arsenal. The Question and Listening cards ar..
£12.75 £8.50
Inc. VAT: £10.20
Rainbow Mini Bells
Pack of 8 mini bells of different tones and comes complete with instructions to play a few simple tu..
Inc. VAT: £22.79
In Stock
Rainbow Orbit Ball
Tangled mesh of colourful rubbery shapes knotted into a super bouncy ball - simply throw it, catch i..
Inc. VAT: £3.60
Recordable Answer Buzzers (Set of 4)
Record your voice, sounds, music or a message of your choice onto these recordable answer buzzers! ..
Inc. VAT: £26.40
Reusable Name Tents (Pack of 15)
Pack of 15 reusable, double-sided plastic name tents for use with dry-erase markers. Indestr..
Inc. VAT: £72.00
Reveal Coaching Cards - Successful Appraisal
Having a successful appraisal leads to improved performance, greater employee engagement, less stres..
Inc. VAT: £26.40
Round Tuit
Our unique Round Tuit is back by popular demand. Made from stress ball material the Tuit’s really ca..
Inc. VAT: £3.30
Smile Face Stress Ball
Individual smile face stress ball. Great for training sessions and group exercises.  Link..
Inc. VAT: £2.40
Speech Bubble Whiteboards (Pack of 12)
Speech Bubble Whiteboards: handy little speech bubble props to boost group engagement or to bri..
Inc. VAT: £11.99
Sports Stress Balls (Pack of 4)
A best seller. The Pack of 4 Sports Stress Balls is great for training sessions and group exerc..
Inc. VAT: £7.80
Squidgy Cat
Squish your stress away with these adorable squidgy cats!  Great for training sessions ..
Inc. VAT: £3.59
Squishy Mesh Ball
Squishy Mesh Ball bulges from its mesh bag when squeezed! Give the ball a squeeze and it will bul..
Inc. VAT: £4.74
Star Shaped Stress Toy
Star shaped stress toy. Great for training sessions and group exercises. Simply link the item to ..
Inc. VAT: £2.40
Stress Block
A new spin on a classic item. These stress building blocks are just the ticket for making learning f..
Inc. VAT: £2.40
Stress Hand
Individual stress hand. Great for training sessions and group exercises and a powerful way to mak..
Inc. VAT: £2.40
Stress Pencil
Our quirky stress pencil is great for training sessions and group exercises. It looks great and feel..
Inc. VAT: £2.40
Stretchy Centipede (Pack of 4)
Wonderfully tactile, stretchy, cute centipede. Excellent for stress relief . Pack of 4, one ..
Inc. VAT: £9.00
Table Toppers (Sack of 50)
This great value sack of 50 assorted table top fiddle toys makes a great value prop for every classr..
Inc. VAT: £90.00
Tangle - Gold
The Tangle - easy to pick up, hard to put down!  Tangles fits neatly into the palm of your h..
Inc. VAT: £5.10
Tangle - Individual Colours
The Tangle - 18 links of coated plastic that are hard to put down! The Tangle fits neatly into the p..
Inc. VAT: £3.54
Tangle - Silver
The Tangle - easy to pick up, hard to put down!  Tangles fits neatly into the palm of your h..
Inc. VAT: £5.10
Tangle - Textured
The Tangle - easy to pick up, hard to put down!  Tangles fits neatly into the palm of your h..
Inc. VAT: £5.10
An essential. Old style kitchen timer - Ticks and times up to 60 minutes and rings an alarm when tim..
Inc. VAT: £15.00
Training with a Beat - The Teaching Power of Music
Research has already proved music to be a powerful teaching tool which maximises the natural learnin..
Inc. VAT: £32.99
TTS Toolkit
Just pick up the bag and go! Everything you could possibly need to facilitate a workshop. The Traine..
Inc. VAT: £150.00
Twist and Lock Blocks
Brightly coloured Twist & Lock Blocks make great pocket-sized fiddle toys. The brightly colou..
Inc. VAT: £2.10
We! Connect Cards - Create Conversations That Matter
Good For: Meetings, Trainings, Getting out of your seat, Icebreakers, Organizations with hierarch..
Inc. VAT: £23.94
Whiteboard Paddle (Pack of 12)
Pack of 12 Whiteboard paddles. These lightweight whiteboard paddles are perfect for encouraging a..
Inc. VAT: £23.99
Wooden Paddle Bat and Ball
A genuinely fun item and a great icebreaker and energiser. The wooden bat and ball is also perfect t..
Inc. VAT: £3.59
Wooden Rattle
Ideal noise maker for any team quizzes or events ..
Inc. VAT: £4.80
Prompt Cards - Level 1 and 2
Never be stuck for ideas and inspiration again. Many professional trainers won’t travel without t..
Inc. VAT: £23.99
GROW Coaching Cards - Advanced
Ashby’s law of requisite variety states that the ‘The person or part of a system that has the most f..
Inc. VAT: £26.40
Crystal Star on a Crystal Base
Create your own Awards.  Chunky crystal star on a crystal base, supplied in a satin lined bo..
Inc. VAT: £39.60
GROW Coaching Cards - Intermediate
Ever experienced the problem of having an employee or a coachee who is stuck; stuck with the way thi..
Inc. VAT: £26.40
Crystal Trophy Block
Create your own Awards. Medium optical crystal trophy block 145mm high, supplied in a satin lined..
Inc. VAT: £24.64
GROW Coaching Cards - Introduction
Whether you are managing people, are just beginning your coaching journey at work, or are a qualifie..
Inc. VAT: £26.40
GROW Combo Tri Pack of Cards and DVD
Triple pack of GROW Coaching Cards plus the GROW Coaching DVD. An incredibly valuable resource for b..
Inc. VAT: £288.00
Metal Faced Awards Plaques
Create your own Awards. Metal plates printed in full colour process, mounted onto quality veneere..
Inc. VAT: £22.66
Stressdot 10 Dot Card
Stressdot Card™ with 10 Stress Dots™     The perfect stress relief product which gives ..
Inc. VAT: £3.60