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Managers Fundamental Skills Set

Product Code: TS3152

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Coaching Conversations at Work - Fundamental Management Skills set of 4 packs

Management fundamentals set of 4 packs of cards, is ideal for both established and new managers tackling 4 fundamental skills required by every effective manager.

Each pack has a clearly defined process, supported by questions, tips and prompts, which will get organisations talking about important things that matter.


 •  Setting Powerful Objectives

The growth of an organisation is directly related to its aspirations which are brought to life by the setting of powerful objectives with people across the organisation. Powerful objectives make work meaningful and encourage continuous, forward movement resulting in the growth of skill, knowledge and experience of everyone across an organisation.


•  Running Effective Meetings

Hidden costs of meetings are huge: time, opportunity cost and energy are just a few. A badly run meeting with no real outcomes for the organisation can be worse than not having the meeting at all. Leaders and managers have an obligation and a responsibility to set every meeting up for success; this pack guides/shows them how.


•  Making Good Decisions at Work

People often struggle with how to make high quality decisions about issues which impact their organisation.  This pack provides managers and leaders with a clear process at their fingertips for making decisions which are well thought through and in the best interests of those impacted by the decisions they make. 


•  Delegate Now! Working With Others to Get Things Done

Delegation is a fundamental management capability and when well-executed delegation enables managers and leaders to get better return on the way they use their time and develop their people whilst still getting work done to a high standard.


Designed, written and produced by Vicki Espin, acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading Executive Coaches.

Each pack of easy to use cards in this series provides frameworks, questions, prompts and tips which are guaranteed to quickly raise the competence of every manager and leader regardless of position or length of experience.  Remember, many small changes raise the level of management performance across any organisation!

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