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Mood Setting & Participation

The more engaged the audience the more receptive they will be to new ideas and information. Make training fun and get people involved. Our wide variety of resources have been hand selected to help get your delegates involved and in the right frame of mind for learning.

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3 Minute Egg Timer
This classic sand egg timer is an essential item for all trainers. Perfect for training games and gr..
Inc. VAT: £3.30
A6 Black Notebooks (Pack of 10)
Pack of 10 notebooks. A6 reference size black notebook with red ribbon page marker, red elas..
£25.50 £23.00
Inc. VAT: £27.60
Animal Answer Buzzers (Set of 4)
Actively engage participants and liven up any game with these fun farmyard animal noises answer buzz..
Inc. VAT: £23.70
Answer Buzzers (Set of 4)
Have a little fun with your delegates whilst promoting active audience participation with these set ..
Inc. VAT: £23.70
BIC Velleda Handheld Whiteboard
Fabulous range of light weight and extremely portable hand held whiteboards. Perfect for training an..
Inc. VAT: £27.60
Bright & Bold Smart Putty
Tin of Smart Putty that offers a fun, tactile experience. Mould, stretch, bounce and even watch..
Inc. VAT: £6.60
Catch-it Cone (Pack of 5 Pairs)
This value pack of Catch-it Cones (5 Pairs) are perfect for coaching or energiser activities. A q..
Inc. VAT: £13.20
Out Of Stock
Classic Bike Horn
One great classic bike horn - perfect noisy thing for any creative training room, workplace or for t..
Inc. VAT: £5.99
Classical Octane CD
Music has been shown, in some cases, to have a profound effect on our ability to learn. Roland Rober..
Inc. VAT: £20.39
Coaching Conversations at Work - Change
Coaching Conversations at Work - Working Through Organisational Change card pack Organisatio..
Inc. VAT: £18.99
Coaching Conversations at Work - Coaching
Coaching Conversations at Work - Powerful Coaching Questions to Achieve Goals card pack Most..
Inc. VAT: £18.99
Coaching Conversations at Work - Performance
Coaching Conversations at Work - Enhancing People’s Performance at Work card pack. Most peop..
Inc. VAT: £18.99
Coaching Conversations at Work - Performance Set
Coaching Conversations at Work - set of four packs of performance cards. Leadership develo..
Inc. VAT: £64.99
Coaching Conversations at Work - Teams
Coaching Conversations at Work - Building High Performing Teams card pack Building High Perf..
Inc. VAT: £18.99
Combo Pack - Reusable Name Tents and Pens
Essential for any professional trainer. Create a professional and positive learning environment.&nbs..
Inc. VAT: £93.00
Conversation Cubes
Sparks discussions that will get everyone talking. Each set comprises 6 colourful 4cm soft foam c..
Inc. VAT: £12.90
Creative Whack Pack
The Creative Whack Pack by Roger Von Oech is a creativity tool that will “whack” you out of habitual..
Inc. VAT: £23.99
Developing Emotional Intelligence Cards
Some people just get along with others naturally, respond carefully even in the face of challenge, a..
Inc. VAT: £30.00
Genuine Thumball 4" - Best, Worst, First
Throw it, catch it, respond to the panel under your thumb. Helps to stimulate conversations..
Inc. VAT: £17.99
Genuine Thumball 4" - Who Are You
Play Catch, look under your thumb, react! To play Thumball pass it, roll it or throw it and when the..
Inc. VAT: £17.99
Genuine Thumball 6" - Ice Breaker
Play Catch - Look under your Thumb - React! When the facilitator says 'stop' the player holding..
Inc. VAT: £21.00
Genuine Thumball 6" - What if?
Play Catch - Look under your Thumb - React! When the facilitator says 'stop' the player holding the ..
Inc. VAT: £21.00
A must for every training room. These plastic hand clappers provide a great solution for encouraging..
Inc. VAT: £1.20
Handheld Foamex Paddle
Handheld 5 mm thick Foamex display paddle. Cut to shape and priced inclusive of a full colour print...
Inc. VAT: £25.39
Happy & Sad Schmoozie
Authentic happy and sad Schmoozie plush toy. Size: 7cm.  Soft Plush with anti  stress b..
Inc. VAT: £3.99
Happy Cube
The award-winning Happy Cube is a fantastic item for any creative training workshop. Each pack co..
Inc. VAT: £13.19
Hoop Head
Ball throwing game with basketball style hoop mounted on a headband. The player straps the hoop to t..
Inc. VAT: £9.54
Light and Sound Buzzers (Set of 4)
Actively engage participants and liven up any game with these colourful flashing answer buzzers! ..
Inc. VAT: £23.70
Managers Fundamental Skills Set
Coaching Conversations at Work - Fundamental Management Skills set of 4 packs Management fundamen..
Inc. VAT: £64.99
Me First Additional PAD Buzzer
These are add on additional PAD buzzers for the Me First Wireless Buzzer set. Each PAD uses 3 AAA b..
Inc. VAT: £66.00
Me First Wireless Buzzers (12 users)
These popular Me First Buzzers really do involve every member of your workshop/classroom and activel..
Inc. VAT: £522.00
Meditation: Chill Out Classics for Quiet Moments CD
Music has been shown, in some cases, to have a profound effect on our ability to learn. Roland Rober..
Inc. VAT: £19.19
Mood Music
Mood Music: Three Classical Collections Designed to Accompany and Enhance Different Training Activit..
Inc. VAT: £42.00
Mr Sketch - Bulk Bag (144 Scented Markers)
Our best deal for Mr Sketch scented markers and a true training essential. The bag contains ..
Inc. VAT: £192.00
Pick a Penguin Activity
Specifically designed for The Training Shop Pick a Penguin has hundreds of uses in the creative trai..
Inc. VAT: £17.40
Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Pocket sized portable speaker with incredible sound quality, tracks controlled through your mobile p..
Inc. VAT: £31.14
Prompt Cards - Level 1
What would you do when...? What happens if...? How would you manage this...? 20 fabulous prompt c..
Inc. VAT: £15.30
Quote Card Set - Coaching
Quote cards are an essential weapon in any trainer’s arsenal. The Coaching cards are part of the ..
Inc. VAT: £15.30
Quote Card Set - Questioning and Listening
Quote cards are an essential weapon in any trainer’s arsenal. The Question and Listening cards ar..
Inc. VAT: £15.30
Rainbow Mini Bells
Pack of 8 mini bells of different tones and comes complete with instructions to play a few simple tu..
Inc. VAT: £19.80
Recordable Answer Buzzers (Set of 4)
Record your voice, sounds, music or a message of your choice onto these recordable answer buzzers! ..
Inc. VAT: £23.70
Reusable Name Tents (Pack of 15)
Pack of 15 reusable, double-sided plastic name tents for use with dry-erase markers. Indestr..
Inc. VAT: £81.00
Training with a Beat - The Teaching Power of Music
Research has already proved music to be a powerful teaching tool which maximises the natural learnin..
Inc. VAT: £32.99
We! Connect Cards - Create Conversations That Matter
Good For: Meetings, Trainings, Getting out of your seat, Icebreakers, Organizations with hierarch..
Inc. VAT: £23.94
Whiteboard Paddle (Pack of 12)
Pack of 12 Whiteboard paddles. These lightweight whiteboard paddles are perfect for encouraging a..
Inc. VAT: £25.19
Wooden Rattle
Ideal noise maker for any team quizzes or events ..
Inc. VAT: £4.80
GROW Coaching Cards - Advanced
Ashby’s law of requisite variety states that the ‘The person or part of a system that has the most f..
Inc. VAT: £26.40
GROW Coaching Cards - Intermediate
Ever experienced the problem of having an employee or a coachee who is stuck; stuck with the way thi..
Inc. VAT: £26.40
GROW Combo Tri Pack of Cards and DVD
Triple pack of GROW Coaching Cards plus the GROW Coaching DVD. An incredibly valuable resource for b..
Inc. VAT: £288.00