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Me First Wireless Buzzers (12 users)

Product Code: TS0750

Inc. VAT (where applicable): £540.00
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These popular Me First Buzzers really do involve every member of your workshop/classroom and actively encourage audience participation.

The set of buzzers consists of 12 player PADs and 1 Facilitator Control Unit and it’s really simple to use straight out of the box:

  • Facilitator asks question (all PADs are yellow, in a ready state).
  • Participants buzz in with their answers.
  • The Facilitator Unit will light up green and the participant to buzz in first will see their PAD blink green, signalling that they have the go-ahead to answer the question. All other participant PADs will light up red to signify that their PADs are deactivated.
  • If answer is wrong the facilitator presses the “Wrong” button to produce a 'wrong' sound effect. Then press the Continue button on the Facilitator Unit. The first responder's PAD will light up RED, signalling that this player is 'locked out' for the remainder of the question session. All other PADs will light up yellow, signalling that players may attempt to buzz in again with their answers. If answer is correct the facilitator presses the 'Right' button to produce a 'correct' sound effect. Then press the Reset button and all the Participant PADs will light up yellow and a new question session can begin.

The RF range is 24 meters. Upgraded 2.4 ghz wireless frequency complies with CE certification. The buzzer sound on the Facilitator remote can be turned on or off. Each PAD uses 3 AAA batteries (included). Buzzers will power off automatically after 20 minutes of non-use, or when teacher powers off via remote. The system can be expanded to up to 200 users! Additional PADs sold individually.

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