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Fiddle Items

The use of fiddle items can help to make your training memorable. Improve the speed and effectiveness of learning. Cover more content in less time. Make it easy for delegates to digest complex information and above all, keep energy levels high throughout.

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"Remember Me" Conference Kit
The Remember Me Conference Kit is jam-packed with a wide variety of fun, memorable give-away items t..
Inc. VAT: £114.00
Alphabet Dice (Pack of 2)
Pack of two 30 sided dice alphabet dice specifically sourced for The Training Shop (26 letters of th..
Inc. VAT: £8.39
Animal Fiddle Kit
Set of 9 adorable animals in a handy drawstring bag. This little zoo contains an assortment of ..
Inc. VAT: £22.20
Bendy Frogs (Pack of 2)
Pack of 2 Bendy Frogs. Excellent fiddle item or giveaway. ..
Inc. VAT: £3.60
Blank Jigsaw - 28 piece (Pack of 24)
Pack of 24 postcard sized blank jigsaws. Each jigsaw has 28 pieces and is made from h..
Inc. VAT: £30.00
Bog Eyed Bugglies
Stretchy, squashy worm-like creatures with immense appeal. Two large, cartoon-style eyes peep out..
Inc. VAT: £4.79
Bright & Bold Smart Putty
Tin of Smart Putty that offers a fun, tactile experience. Mould, stretch, bounce and even watch..
Inc. VAT: £6.60
Colour Rainbow Spring
Make your training memorable. People can't resist playing with these and returning to their childhoo..
Inc. VAT: £2.39
Coloured Dice (Pack of 5)
Traditional dice. Great value pack of five six-sided dice with a traditional wooden design. ..
Inc. VAT: £3.60
Cotton Drawstring Bag
These plain cotton drawstring bags are the eco friendly way to keep all your small training items sa..
Inc. VAT: £2.39
Essential Delegate Pack
Everything you need in a handy bag to run and manage a successful workshop for up to 12 delegates. S..
Inc. VAT: £114.00
Essential Kit Bag - Noise Maker
A fantastic value kit bag full of all the essentials to make noise in your workshops! A must for eve..
Inc. VAT: £54.00
Expand A Ball
It's a multi coloured plastic ball that expands and contracts as you throw and catch it. The Expa..
Inc. VAT: £4.80
Eye Pop Man Stress Toy
Give Eye Pop Man a squeeze and watch his eyes pop out of his head! A fun little fiddle toy, whic..
Inc. VAT: £2.70
Fiddle Kit - 10 items
This fantastic fiddle kit is one of our bestsellers. A handy cotton drawstring bag packed with 10..
Inc. VAT: £23.99
Fiddle Kit - 100 Items
The ultimate fiddle kit is here! A great value selection of 100 table topper fiddle toys packed i..
Inc. VAT: £192.00
Fiddle Kit - 15 Items
This fantastic fiddle kit is one of our most popular! A handy cotton drawstring bag packed with 1..
Inc. VAT: £29.99
Fiddle Kit - 3 Genuine Tangles
This value fiddle kit contains as pictured three genuine Tangles. 1 x red 1 x dark blue 1 ..
Inc. VAT: £10.20
Fiddle Kit - 5 Genuine Tangles
Fantastic value fiddle kit contains as pictured five genuine Tangles. 1 x red 1 x dark blue ..
Inc. VAT: £15.59
Fiddle Kit - Motor Skills
The specially designed fiddle kit contains 5 fantastic items that really help to keep delegates acti..
Inc. VAT: £19.19
Fiddle Kit - Stress Buster
This fantastic value fiddle kit is great for stress busting both in and out of the training room.&nb..
Inc. VAT: £20.10
Fiddle Kit - Tactile
This fantastic value fiddle kit is great for the training room.  A handy drawstring bag cont..
Inc. VAT: £22.74
Fiddle Kit - Tangle (Ultimate)
The Ultimate Tangle Fiddle Kit contains 8 plastic stress relieving Tangles: 1 x Blue 1 ..
Inc. VAT: £27.00
Fidget Cube - Random Colours
One palm-sized cube, a multitude of options for fidgeting hands. Spin, press, twist, click...the ult..
Inc. VAT: £8.40
Fidget Spinner - Individual Colours
The Fidget Spinner  - a nifty little tool to occupy fidgeting hands and relieve stress. ..
Inc. VAT: £4.80
Flashing Spikey Air Ball
Spikey, rubber, air-filled ball. Great sensory item. Colourful, engaging and fantastic to fiddle ..
Inc. VAT: £4.50
Furry Fun Bug (Pack of 4)
Pack of 4 different coloured squeezy, stretchy fun bugs. One of each colour: green, pink, blue, purp..
Inc. VAT: £10.20
Glitter Wand
These 30 cm glitter filled plastic tubes are a great visual creative table toy and sensory tube. Gre..
Inc. VAT: £5.40
The fidget toy that twists, spins and rotates. A 9cm diameter fiddle toy with 4 brightly coloured ri..
Inc. VAT: £4.79
A must for every training room. These plastic hand clappers provide a great solution for encouraging..
Inc. VAT: £1.20
Happy Cube
The award-winning Happy Cube is a fantastic item for any creative training workshop. Each pack co..
Inc. VAT: £13.19
Head Massager
A wonderful destresser!  Have you ever tried one of these?  A wonderful way to take a m..
Inc. VAT: £4.20
Inflatable Fitness Dice Set (Pack of 4)
Pack of 4 inflatable Fitness Dice. Two of the dice have fitness positions on, and two a..
Inc. VAT: £12.00
Inflatable Fraction Dice
1 Inflatable Fraction Dice chosen at random from blue, green, red, yellow, orange and purple. E..
Inc. VAT: £3.60
Koosh Ball - 11cm
Back in stock the favourite 11cm Mondo Koosh Ball - this is the biggest Koosh Ball available in the ..
Inc. VAT: £10.20
Koosh Ball - 8cm
Koosh balls - easy to pick, hard to put down! They come in a variety of beautiful, vibrant colours a..
Inc. VAT: £4.80
Large Foam Dice (Pack of 4)
A great value set of 4 foam dice (one of each colour as shown). A great prop suitable for loads o..
Inc. VAT: £6.90
Lugnet Ball (Pack of 2)
The Lugnet helps you relax, unwind and find renewed energy.  Just reach for Lugnet at times ..
Inc. VAT: £15.59
Magic Metal Loops
Series of metal loops that have been intricately linked in a way that allows the structure to comple..
Inc. VAT: £4.79
Magnetic Rattlers (pack of 2)
Rattlers with powerful magnets. Great stress reliever and fiddle item. Extremely powerful..
£3.99 £1.99
Inc. VAT: £2.39
Metal Mayhem Puzzles
Designed for the gifted or experienced problem solver - these 6 fiendish metal puzzles are ..
Inc. VAT: £6.00
Mini Muddle Puzzle Cube
Mini version of a the classic puzzle and a very addictive toy for all ages.   This two by..
Inc. VAT: £3.60
Mini Smart Putty
Small pot of putty that offers an interesting tactile experience. Mould, stretch, bounce and even wa..
Inc. VAT: £3.30
Mini Smile Springs (Pack of 6)
This pack of mini springs are great table toppers for all creative workshops - ideal for affordable ..
Inc. VAT: £2.39
Muddle Puzzle
Geometric shape that flips and folds together in a range of unique ways.  This fantastic fid..
Inc. VAT: £6.00
Play Doh Mini Tubs (Pack of 10)
This pack of 10 individual mini tubs of Play Doh is perfect for any modelling activity. Great a..
Inc. VAT: £12.60
Porcupine Balls Neon (Pack of 36)
Great value pack (36) of porcupine ball table toppers perfect for any creative training or class roo..
Inc. VAT: £10.79
Printed Tangles
Tangles are the original fun, twisty toy. The ultimate stress reliever, creativity enhancer, and edu..
Inc. VAT: £3.18
Puffy Animals (Pack of 4)
4 pack of soft and squishy air-filled ball animals. They're covered in rubbery hair-like tendri..
Inc. VAT: £10.79
Puzzleman - The Ultimate Puzzle Hero! Puzzleman is sold as a cube. Mission one is to transform..
Inc. VAT: £9.59