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Trainers' Essentials

From pre-event preparation, engaging the audience, keeping energy levels high to the provision of rewards and giveaways to make your training memorable we have solutions for every budget. Here’s our collection of indispensable resources.

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Fink Cards - Leading the Way in Diversity
Leaders have to be aware of the opportunities and benefits of creating an inclusive environment. ..
Inc. VAT: £15.50
Fish Stress Toy
Great for training sessions and group exercises. An excellent table topper, group giveaway, or stock..
Inc. VAT: £2.40
Flip Charts: How to Draw and How to Use
Flip Charts: How to Draw Them and How to Use Them  Your flip-chart expertise--or lack thereo..
Inc. VAT: £44.65
Flipchart and Poster Holder
White transparent plastic Extendable flipchart and poster holder. Makes transporting completed ..
Inc. VAT: £32.39
Flipchart Combo
This popular combination pack includes everything required to make the most of flip chart related ac..
Inc. VAT: £58.20
Flipchart Easel Stand
Lightweight construction with telescopic legs that close up for storage and portability. Simple bolt..
Inc. VAT: £89.99
Flipchart Paper Pads (Pack of 5)
Pack of 5 top quality A1 flipchart pads. Specially coated paper to prevent ink bleeding through. 40 ..
Inc. VAT: £31.14
Fuzzy Tangle - Multi Coloured
The ultimate fidget toy. Tangles are used to stimulate creative thinking and to aid focus and concen..
Inc. VAT: £5.10
Glitter Wand
These 30 cm glitter filled plastic tubes are a great visual creative table toy and sensory tube. Gre..
Inc. VAT: £5.99
Glue Dots - Permanent
Pritt Glue Dots. Individually formed adhesive glue dots for all your art and craft needs. ..
Inc. VAT: £2.39
Glue Dots - Repositionable
Pritt Glue Dots. Individually formed adhesive glue dots for all your art and craft needs. ..
Inc. VAT: £2.39
Gold Trophies (Pack of 6)
Pack of 6 Gold plastic trophys. Make for ideal giveaways. Size: Height 10cm.  ..
Inc. VAT: £4.79
Gremlin Cards
Get to know your inner gremlin, the voice in our head that keeps us back, and conquer your..
Inc. VAT: £48.00
Handheld Whiteboard Combo
An excellent combination pack guaranteed to increase participation levels and to make learning more ..
Inc. VAT: £156.00
Heart Shaped Stress Ball
Heart shaped stress ball. Great for training sessions and group exercises.  Training tip:..
Inc. VAT: £2.16
Hoop Head
Ball throwing game with basketball style hoop mounted on a headband. The player straps the hoop to t..
Inc. VAT: £9.54
Innovative Whack Pack
The Innovative Whack Pack by Roger Von Oech is a pack of 60 cards. Each one will provoke and inspire..
Inc. VAT: £22.79
Juggling Balls (Set of 3)
Set of 3 brightly coloured bean filled juggling balls. Provides an inexpensive way to learn to ..
Inc. VAT: £3.59
Koosh Ball - 8cm
Koosh balls - easy to pick, hard to put down! They come in a variety of beautiful, vibrant colours a..
Inc. VAT: £4.50
Light and Sound Buzzers (Set of 4)
Actively engage participants and liven up any game with these colourful flashing answer buzzers! ..
Inc. VAT: £23.99
Light Bulb Stress Toy
Light bulb shaped stress toy. Great for training sessions and group exercises. Simply link th..
Inc. VAT: £2.16
Magnetic Desktop Easel
Double-sided magnetic drywipe surface with 25mm gridlines on one side. Hooks included for hanging..
Inc. VAT: £116.76
Me First Additional PAD Buzzer
These are add on additional PAD buzzers for the Me First Wireless Buzzer set. Each PAD uses 3 AAA b..
Inc. VAT: £59.99
Me First Wireless Buzzers (12 users)
By popular demand we’ve recently introduced these Me First Buzzers. These buzzers really do involve ..
Inc. VAT: £478.80
Mini Smile Springs (Pack of 6)
This pack of mini springs are great table toppers for all creative workshops - ideal for affordable ..
Inc. VAT: £2.39
Molin Whiteboard Markers and Eraser (Pack of 2)
Handy pack of two Molin Whiteboard Markers and a board eraser One blue and One black Neatly d..
Inc. VAT: £4.79
Mr Sketch - Bulk Bag (144 Scented Markers)
Our best deal for Mr Sketch scented markers and a true training essential. The bag contains ..
Inc. VAT: £168.00
Mr Sketch - Facilitator Maxi Combo
The MAXI combo represents great value. The pack contains the following items: Mr Sketch Mar..
Inc. VAT: £239.99
Mr Sketch - Facilitator Mini Combo
The Facilitator Mini Combo is our entry level combination and a must for all trainers. Mr Sket..
Inc. VAT: £53.99
Mr Sketch - Scented Markers (Pack of 12)
Mr Sketch selection of 12 assorted colours of chisel tip flipchart markers. The colours are vibrant ..
Inc. VAT: £19.80
Mr Sketch - Scented Markers (Pack of 8)
Mr Sketch selection of 8 assorted colours of chisel tip flipchart markers. The colours are vibr..
Inc. VAT: £14.40
Mr Sketch Selection (pack of 100)
A pack of 100 featuring a mix of 10 of the most popular Mr Sketch colours. Conveniently packed in a ..
Inc. VAT: £150.00
Name Hat
Noise, energy and creativity levels in the training room will soar with this fun alternative to trad..
Inc. VAT: £4.20
Name Tent Cards and Development Action Plan (Pack of 12)
Pack of 12 name tent cards. On one side of the tent is a space for delegates to write their name...
Inc. VAT: £9.00
Nobo Classic Easel
Nobo Classic Easel Drywipe whiteboard with top fitting to accept flipchart pads Integral tele..
Inc. VAT: £180.00
Nobo Classic Felt Noticeboard
Blue Nobo Classic Felt Noticeboard  Recommended use: General Office / Training Environment..
Inc. VAT: £234.00
Nobo Drywipe Whiteboard Eraser - Easy Peel
Nobo Drywipe Whiteboard Eraser - Easy Peel ​Ergonomic design Easy peel (10 layers of fe..
Inc. VAT: £11.82
Nobo Euro Plus Felt Noticeboard
Nobo Euro Plus Felt Noticeboard For use in training/meeting rooms and for frequent office use ..
Inc. VAT: £270.00
Nobo Liquid Ink Drymarkers (Pack of 12)
Premium quality markers for easy flow writing Pump action tip primes the marker for use Handy..
Inc. VAT: £25.80
Nobo Magnetic Steel Mobile Whiteboard
Nobo magnetic steel mobile presentation board Modern stylish design Magnetic drywipe on both ..
Inc. VAT: £684.00
Nobo Mobile Combination Whiteboard
Nobo mobile combination whiteboard Modern stylish design Dual surface: one side drywipe ..
Inc. VAT: £564.00
Nobo Shark Easel
Magnetic drywipe board surface Flip-up pad clamp, spring-assisted for easy pad change Sliding..
Inc. VAT: £270.00
Notebook A5 Hard Cover (Pack of 10)
Pack of 10 A5 hard cover notebooks. Contains 120 pages (60 sheets) of feint ruled, quality whit..
Inc. VAT: £30.90
Notebook A5 Plastic Cover
Great, brightly coloured A5 notebooks for you or your delegates to keep on top of their memos. ..
Inc. VAT: £9.00
Owl Stress Toy
Fun owl shaped stress toy.  An excellent table topper, group giveaway, or stocking filler.&n..
Inc. VAT: £2.40
A great value tub of 200 plastic 35mm paperclips. Plastic non-magnetising so safe around computer..
Inc. VAT: £7.19
Pens - Pilot V System (pack of 3)
Give yourselves and your delegates a treat from the standard biro available in the training room. Ch..
Inc. VAT: £11.99
Pentel M180 Thick Markers (Pack of 6)
Permanent Markers Extra capacity Chisel tip jumbo marker  Chisel tip for various line wi..
Inc. VAT: £39.00
Pentel Maxiflo Whiteboard Marker Set
1 storage set comprising of 1 magnetic board eraser and 4 medium point markers: black, blue, red, gr..
Inc. VAT: £15.30
Pentel Permanent Markers (Pack of 12)
Permanent markers Bonded fibre tip will retain its shape Permanent and waterproof ink will ma..
Inc. VAT: £31.20