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Genuine Thumball 6" - Customer Service

Product Code: TS2139

Inc. VAT (where applicable): £21.00
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Play Catch - Look under your Thumb - React! When the facilitator says 'stop' the player holding the Thumball simply lifts their thumb and responds to that panel.

Explore the most effective customer service techniques by discussion of what works and what doesn't.

With this one-of-a-kind Thumball, teams can discuss what techniques and behaviours foster positive customer experiences and which further deteriorate relationships.

Thumball™ is a soft 6" stuffed ball pre-printed with 32 panels that has LOADS of interesting applications for meetings, training, and employee relations.

Facilitation Tips: This Thumball contains two types of prompts. The Silver prompts represent familiar complaints expressed by customers. The challenge with these is to explain how you might respond in order to win back the customer's trust and business. The Navy Blue prompts reflect what NOT to say. The challenge is to explain why it's ineffective and share a more appropriate or more effective approach.

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