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Popular Combinations

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Clouds - Combo Pack
Value combo pack containing 50 of each sized cloud. An extremely popular facilitat..
Inc. VAT: £66.00
Combo Pack - Reusable Name Tents and Pens
Essential for any professional trainer. Create a professional and positive learning environment.&nbs..
Inc. VAT: £90.00
Flipchart Combo
This popular combination pack includes everything required to make the most of flip chart related ac..
Inc. VAT: £66.00
Handheld Whiteboard Combo
An excellent combination pack guaranteed to increase participation levels and to make learning more ..
Inc. VAT: £156.00
Mr Sketch - Facilitator Maxi Combo
The MAXI combo represents great value. The pack contains the following items: Mr Sketch Mar..
Inc. VAT: £239.99
Mr Sketch - Facilitator Mini Combo
The Facilitator Mini Combo is our entry level combination and a must for all trainers. This pack ..
Inc. VAT: £53.99