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Marker Pens

Popular with both adults and children. Mr. Sketch markers are simply a must have item. Using colour is proven to significantly increase short term memory whilst scent provides quicker and unfiltered access to the brain and can raise attention and awareness levels dramatically.

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5 Star Drywipe Markers (Pack of 12)
Dry wipe Markers Bullet tip Xylene/ Toluene free Line width 3mm  ..
Inc. VAT: £20.40
Berol Autoseal Toughpoint Markers (Pack of 12)
Permanent Marker Extra large ink capacity Autoseal Ink prevents tip from drying Quick dryin..
Inc. VAT: £28.20
BIC Marking Permanent Markers (Pack of 12)
Permanent marker  Available with a Bullet (1.7mm) or Chisel Tip (3-5.5mm). Simply sel..
Inc. VAT: £18.00
BIC Velleda Whiteboard Markers (Pack of 12)
Drywipe low odour alcohol based ink Available with Bullet (1.5mm) or Chisel (3.7-5.5mm) tips - ..
Inc. VAT: £22.20
Combo Pack - Reusable Name Tents and Pens
Essential for any professional trainer. Create a professional and positive learning environment.&nbs..
Inc. VAT: £65.99
Durable Whiteboard Cleaning Kit
Durable Whiteboard Cleaning Kit Unique cleaning kit Formulated for interactive whiteboards, ..
Inc. VAT: £8.34
Flipchart Combo
This popular combination pack includes everything required to make the most of flip chart related ac..
Inc. VAT: £58.20
Handheld Whiteboard Combo
An excellent combination pack guaranteed to increase participation levels and to make learning more ..
Inc. VAT: £156.00
Molin Whiteboard Markers and Eraser (Pack of 2)
Handy pack of two Molin Whiteboard Markers and a board eraser One blue and One black Neatly d..
Inc. VAT: £4.79
Mr Sketch - Bulk Bag (144 Scented Markers)
Our best deal for Mr Sketch scented markers and a true training essential. The bag contains ..
Inc. VAT: £168.00
Mr Sketch - Facilitator Maxi Combo
The MAXI combo represents great value. The pack contains the following items: Mr Sketch Mar..
Inc. VAT: £239.99
Mr Sketch - Facilitator Mini Combo
The Facilitator Mini Combo is our entry level combination and a must for all trainers. Mr Sket..
Inc. VAT: £53.99
Mr Sketch - Scented Markers (Pack of 12)
Mr Sketch selection of 12 assorted colours of chisel tip flipchart markers. The colours are vibrant ..
Inc. VAT: £19.80
Mr Sketch - Scented Markers (Pack of 8)
Mr Sketch selection of 8 assorted colours of chisel tip flipchart markers. The colours are vibr..
Inc. VAT: £14.40
Mr Sketch Selection (pack of 100)
A pack of 100 featuring a mix of 10 of the most popular Mr Sketch colours. Conveniently packed in a ..
Inc. VAT: £150.00
Nobo Drywipe Whiteboard Eraser - Easy Peel
Nobo Drywipe Whiteboard Eraser - Easy Peel ​Ergonomic design Easy peel (10 layers of fe..
Inc. VAT: £11.82
Nobo Liquid Ink Drymarkers (Pack of 12)
Premium quality markers for easy flow writing Pump action tip primes the marker for use Handy..
Inc. VAT: £25.80
Pentel M180 Thick Markers (Pack of 6)
Permanent Markers Extra capacity Chisel tip jumbo marker  Chisel tip for various line wi..
Inc. VAT: £39.00
Pentel Maxiflo Whiteboard Marker Set
1 storage set comprising of 1 magnetic board eraser and 4 medium point markers: black, blue, red, gr..
Inc. VAT: £15.30
Pentel Permanent Markers (Pack of 12)
Permanent markers Bonded fibre tip will retain its shape Permanent and waterproof ink will ma..
Inc. VAT: £31.20
Posca Bullet Tip Gold/ Silver Marker (Pack of 6)
Gold and Silver Bullet Tip Marker Pens Available with Medium tip (line width approx 1.8-2.5m..
Inc. VAT: £19.08
Posca Fluorescent Broad Tip Marker (Pack of 4)
Pack of 4 Fluorescent Chisel Tip Markers with thick 8mm line width. Fluorescent Yellow, Fluore..
Inc. VAT: £19.08
Posca Original Markers
Assorted packs of marker pens in different thicknesses and colours. Available in: Pack of 6..
Inc. VAT: £19.14
Sharpie Fine Marker Pens (pack of 12)
Pack of 12 assorted colour fine tip Sharpie pens -line width approx 1mm. The Sharpie Fine Permane..
Inc. VAT: £16.79
Sharpie Metal Large Permanent Markers (Pack of 12)
Permanent markers Durable blocked chisel tip for heavy use Marks on most surfaces even wet an..
Inc. VAT: £60.00
Sharpie Metal Small Permanent Markers (Pack of 12)
Permanent marker Durable blocked tip and metal barrel for heavy use Available with Bullet (1m..
Inc. VAT: £18.00
Uni Chalk Marker - (Pack of 8)
Pack of 8 Liquid Ink Chalk Markers Available with Chisel or Bullet Tip White, Fluorescent Ye..
Inc. VAT: £25.74
Staedtler Fineliner pens (Pack of 20)
Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 334 SB20 Desktop Box - 20 Assorted Colours.  Fibre-tip pen with ..
Inc. VAT: £26.40
Staedtler Flipchart Markers (Pack of 6)
The Staedtler Lumocolor flipchart marker is ideal for use on paper as the ink does not bleed through..
Inc. VAT: £17.40
2-in-1 Whiteboard Markers (Pack of 8)
2-in-1 Whiteboard Marker Bullet Line 2.0mm Chisel Line 3.0-5.0mm Assorted colours as pictured. Pack ..
Inc. VAT: £23.99
Mr Sketch - Individual Colour Scented Markers
Mr Sketch scented flipchart makers in your choice of colour. Chisel tip flipchart markers. Vibran..
Inc. VAT: £2.40