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Gremlin Cards

Product Code: TS2157

Inc. VAT (where applicable): £48.00
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Get to know your inner gremlin, the voice in our head that keeps us back, and conquer your fears!

We all have an inner gremlin, that voice in our head, or that chip on our shoulder. We live with our gremlin all day every day, reminding us of past embarrassments and predicting future failings. We just have to live with it, and put up with it. Or do we?

This pack of 30 cards will enable you, your learners, and colleagues to face the inner gremlins, equipping them all to combat and deal with future gremlins. Cards are best used for small group work, 6 to 8 participants. Excellent 1 to 1 work. Exercises can take from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

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