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Trainers' Essentials

From pre-event preparation, engaging the audience, keeping energy levels high to the provision of rewards and giveaways to make your training memorable we have solutions for every budget. Here’s our collection of indispensable resources.

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"Remember Me" Conference Kit
The Remember Me Conference Kit is jam-packed with a wide variety of fun, memorable give-away items t..
£95.00 £76.00
Inc. VAT: £91.20
3 Minute Egg Timer
This classic sand egg timer is an essential item for all trainers. Perfect for training games and gr..
Inc. VAT: £3.00
5 Star Brassed Drawing Pins
Brassed Drawing Pins 11mm head diameter Quantity 150 ..
Inc. VAT: £2.52
5 Star Drywipe Markers (Pack of 12)
Pack of 12 dry wipe markers. Please select colour from drop down menu. 3mm bullet shaped tip. ..
Inc. VAT: £20.40
5 Star Highlighter Pens (Pack of 6)
Pack of 6 highlighter pens.  Contains: orange, green, pink, red, blue and yellow. C..
Inc. VAT: £5.99
5 Star Push Pins Assorted Opaque (Pack of 100)
5 Star Push Pins 100 pins per pack  Assorted Opaque  Total length including pin ..
Inc. VAT: £6.90
Adhesive Poster Strips
Easy to use sticky strips for fixing posters, photos, and team workings. Clean removal from wall ..
Inc. VAT: £3.59
Animal Answer Buzzers (Set of 4)
Actively engage participants and liven up any game with these fun farmyard animal noises answer buzz..
Inc. VAT: £26.40
Answer Buzzers (Set of 4)
Have a little fun with your delegates whilst promoting active audience participation with these set ..
Inc. VAT: £26.40
At My Best Cards
A fantastic coaching and training resource. Ideal for provoking thought and opening up conversations..
Inc. VAT: £30.00
Berol Autoseal Toughpoint Markers (Pack of 12)
Permanent Marker Extra large ink capacity Autoseal Ink prevents tip from drying Quick dryin..
Inc. VAT: £28.20
Berol Flipchart Markers (Pack of 8)
Assorted wallet of black, blue, green, light blue, orange, purple, red and yellow - Total Quantit..
Inc. VAT: £14.40
Bi Office Magnetic Glass Revolver Drywipe Board
Stylish design for use in any environment For use with chalk markers or drywipe pens Chrome s..
Inc. VAT: £1,680.00
BIC Marking Permanent Markers (Pack of 12)
Permanent marker  Available with a Bullet (1.7mm) or Chisel Tip (3-5.5mm). Simply sel..
Inc. VAT: £18.00
BIC Velleda Drywipe Roll
Self-adhesive roll to create drywipe boads or surfaces. Convenient, quick and easy to use. Pro..
Inc. VAT: £24.60
BIC Velleda Handheld Whiteboard
Fabulous range of light weight and extremely portable hand held whiteboards. Perfect for training an..
Inc. VAT: £27.60
BIC Velleda Whiteboard Markers (Pack of 12)
Drywipe low odour alcohol based ink Available with Bullet (1.5mm) or Chisel (3.7-5.5mm) tips - ..
Inc. VAT: £22.20
Blank Jigsaw - 28 piece (Pack of 24)
Pack of 24 postcard sized blank jigsaws. Each jigsaw has 28 pieces and is made from h..
Inc. VAT: £30.00
Blank Jigsaw - Circle Shape (Pack of 10)
Pack of ten blank, circle shaped 12 piece jigsaw puzzles. Perfect for decorating with rubber stamps,..
Inc. VAT: £14.39
Good quality, lightweight and perfect to travel with: cost effective, durable and blocks out light e..
Inc. VAT: £1.80
Blu-Tack Handy Pack
A true essential. Clean, reusable mastic adhesive with a multitude of uses - ideal for flip charts e..
Inc. VAT: £2.40
Brain Stress Ball (White)
White coloured brain shaped stress ball. Great for training sessions and group exercises and for ..
Inc. VAT: £2.40
Bright & Bold Smart Putty
Tin of putty that offers a fun, tactile experience. Mould, stretch, bounce and even watch this ..
Inc. VAT: £6.60
Call Bell
A handy call bell to signal that an exercise is over and bring your group back to their seats or for..
Inc. VAT: £5.70
Carry Cart
Perfect portable storage box for any trainer or teacher. Fits perfectly in the boot of a car and the..
Inc. VAT: £24.00
Catch-it Cone (Pack of 5 Pairs)
This value pack of Catch-it Cones (5 Pairs) are perfect for coaching or energiser activities. A q..
Inc. VAT: £13.20
An extremely popular facilitation tool and just perfect for creative workshops a..
Inc. VAT: £18.00
Clouds - Combo Pack
Value combo pack containing 50 of each sized cloud. An extremely popular facilitat..
Inc. VAT: £66.00
Coaching Conversations at Work - Change
Coaching Conversations at Work (Fink™ Cards) - Working Through Organisational Change card pack Or..
Inc. VAT: £18.00
Coaching Conversations at Work - Coaching
Coaching Conversations at Work (Fink™ Cards) - Powerful Coaching Questions to Achieve Goals card pac..
Inc. VAT: £18.00
Coaching Conversations at Work - Performance
Coaching Conversations at Work (Fink™ Cards) - Enhancing People’s Performance at Work card pack. ..
Inc. VAT: £18.00
Coaching Conversations at Work - Performance Set
Coaching Conversations at Work (Fink™ Cards) - set of four packs of performance Fink Cards. Lea..
Inc. VAT: £59.99
Coaching Conversations at Work - Teams
Coaching Conversations at Work (Fink™ Cards) - Building High Performing Teams card pack Building ..
Inc. VAT: £18.00
Combo Pack - Reusable Name Tents and Pens
Essential for any professional trainer. Create a professional and positive learning environment.&nbs..
Inc. VAT: £65.99
Conversation Cubes
Sparks discussions that will get everyone talking. Each set comprises 6 colourful 4cm soft foam c..
Inc. VAT: £12.90
Cotton Drawstring Bag
These plain cotton drawstring bags are the eco friendly way to keep all your small training items sa..
Inc. VAT: £2.39
Cow Stress Ball
Great for training sessions and group exercises. Simply link the item to the theme of your workshop...
Inc. VAT: £2.58
Creative Whack Pack
The Creative Whack Pack by Roger Von Oech is a creativity tool that will “whack” you out of habitual..
Inc. VAT: £23.99
Cube Stress Toy
When is a stress-ball not a ball? When it's a cube! Our vibrant Cube Stress Toy is great for tr..
Inc. VAT: £2.16
Developing Emotional Intelligence Cards
Some people just get along with others naturally, respond carefully even in the face of challenge, a..
Inc. VAT: £30.00
Double-sided Tape
Versatile tape coated on both sides with a strong adhesive. Ideal for display mounting and exhibi..
Inc. VAT: £1.80
Durable Whiteboard Cleaning Kit
Durable Whiteboard Cleaning Kit Unique cleaning kit Formulated for interactive whiteboards, ..
Inc. VAT: £8.34
Earth Stress Ball
Great for training sessions and group exercises. Simply link the item to the theme of your workshop...
Inc. VAT: £2.40
Envelopes - Pocket Style (50)
White Basildon Bond Peal and Seal Pocket-Style envelopes. Pack of 50 100% recycled S..
Inc. VAT: £7.19
Envelopes - Wallet Style (100)
White Basildon Bond Peel and Seal Wallet-style envelopes. Pack of 50.  100% recycled. ..
Inc. VAT: £10.79
Eye Pop Man Stress Toy
Give Eye Pop Man a squeeze and watch his eyes pop out of his head! A fun little fiddle toy, whic..
Inc. VAT: £2.70
Feelings Cards
How we feel can often be difficult to express on a personal level and in group situations. The ..
Inc. VAT: £48.00
Fidget Cube - Random Colours
One palm-sized cube, a multitude of options for fidgeting hands. Spin, press, twist, click...the ult..
Inc. VAT: £8.40
Fink - 360° Feedback
Badly managed 360 feedback projects can cause significant damage. The quality of 360 feedback f..
Inc. VAT: £18.50
Fink - Building Productive Relationships
Ideas about what makes a great leader are changing. Academic achievement, technical know-how an..
Inc. VAT: £18.50