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Rainbow Mini Bells
Pack of 8 mini bells of different tones and comes complete with instructions to play a few simple tu..
Inc. VAT: £19.19
Rainbow Orbit Ball
Tangled mesh of colourful rubbery shapes knotted into a super bouncy ball - simply throw it, catch i..
Inc. VAT: £3.00
Repositionable Adhesive Stick
This repositionable adhesive stick, free of solvents, is ideal for any moderation/facilitation or Me..
Inc. VAT: £5.99
Ringbinder Folder - Concord
Single brightly-coloured, hard cover ringbinder folder. Size: A4 with two o-ring binding mechanis..
Inc. VAT: £3.30
Ringbinder Folder - Concord (Pack of 5)
Pack of 5 brightly-coloured, hard cover ring binder folders in selection of red, blue, green, y..
Inc. VAT: £14.39
Ringbinder Folder - Elba (Pack of 5)
Pack of 5 brightly coloured, hard-wearing polypropylene ringbinders.Five bright, translucent colours..
Inc. VAT: £21.00
A roll of sellotape with dispenser - always useful to have to hand! Matt tape that gives an almos..
Inc. VAT: £3.59
Sharpie Fine Marker Pens (pack of 12)
Pack of 12 assorted colour fine tip Sharpie pens -line width approx 1mm. The Sharpie Fine Permane..
Inc. VAT: £16.79
Sharpie Flipchart Pens (Pack of 4)
Sharpie Flipchart Markers. Pack of 4 Assorted colours. Water-based ink formula, bullet tip, ..
Inc. VAT: £9.59
Sharpie Metal Large Permanent Markers (Pack of 12)
Permanent markers Durable blocked chisel tip for heavy use Marks on most surfaces even wet an..
Inc. VAT: £60.00
Sharpie Metal Small Permanent Markers (Pack of 12)
Permanent marker Durable blocked tip and metal barrel for heavy use Available with Bullet (1m..
Inc. VAT: £18.00
Smile Face Stress Ball
Individual smile face stress ball. Great for training sessions and group exercises.  Link..
Inc. VAT: £1.92
Smiley Jumper (Pack of 10)
The Smiley Stress Jumper will ease stress and brighten your day every time you look at it.  ..
Inc. VAT: £12.00
Smokefree and Smoker's Lung
Simple but effective way of showing how smoking damages the lungs. The 3D model of 2 lungs ..
Inc. VAT: £178.80
Smokefree and Smoker's Mouth
A simple but effective way of showing how smoking damages your smile. The 3D model ..
Inc. VAT: £178.80
Smoker's Twenty-a-Day Tar Jar
The Tar Jar graphically demonstrates the amount of tar in tobacco smoke and helps to explain to smok..
Inc. VAT: £42.90
This game offers a new ‘spin’ on finding out about the dangers of smoking. Simply spin the..
Inc. VAT: £107.04
Smokey Joe's Lost Time Quiz Game & Display
Smokey Joe is a pack a day smoker. This eyecatching, interactive display and quiz consists of 5 jars..
Inc. VAT: £205.20
Stabilo Boss Highlighter Pack - 48 Pens
The original highlighter with the distinctive shape and high long lasting fluorescence.  ..
Inc. VAT: £87.60
Stabilo Boss Highlighters
The original highlighter with the distinctive shape and high long lasting fluorescence Li..
Inc. VAT: £7.20
Sudoku Cube Puzzle
The world of Sudoku has just gone 3D! Sudoku on a puzzle cube. Line up all the numbers from 1 to ..
Inc. VAT: £4.50
Ten top tips for staying healthy
The visual 3D display sets out the proven ten top tips for keeping healthy and reducing the risk of ..
Inc. VAT: £178.80
Thumball - Customer Service
Play Catch - Look under your Thumb - React! When the facilitator says 'stop' the player holding..
Inc. VAT: £27.00
Thumball - Who Are You
Play Catch, look under your thumb, react! To play Thumball pass it, roll it or throw it and when the..
Inc. VAT: £15.59
An essential. Old style kitchen timer - Ticks and times up to 60 minutes and rings an alarm when tim..
Inc. VAT: £15.00
Tippex Mouse
Compact, easy to use Tippex mini mouse correction tape. Superior tape provides neat & high qual..
Inc. VAT: £3.00
Training with a Beat - The Teaching Power of Music
Research has already proved music to be a powerful teaching tool which maximises the natural learnin..
Inc. VAT: £32.99
Uni Chalk Marker - (Pack of 8)
Pack of 8 Liquid Ink Chalk Markers Available with Chisel or Bullet Tip White, Fluorescent Ye..
Inc. VAT: £25.74
What's in Tobacco Smoke? Display
3D display that brings to life the warning that tobacco smoke contains more than 4000 chemicals. For..
Inc. VAT: £178.80
Whiteboard - Height Adjustable
Double sided mobile pinnable panels framed in anodised aluminium and mounted on sturdy white frame w..
Inc. VAT: £276.00
Whiteboard - Revolving
Double sided whiteboard that can pivot on its horizontal axis. Enables both sides to be used, or the..
Inc. VAT: £350.40
Whiteboard - Revolving Angle
Versatile mobile whiteboard with dual action pivoting board. Double sided whiteboard that can piv..
Inc. VAT: £384.00
Whiteboard Paddle (Pack of 12)
Pack of 12 Whiteboard paddles. These lightweight whitebaord paddles are perfect for encouraging a..
Inc. VAT: £21.60
Whiteboard Wipes
For quick and easy cleaning of traditional and interactive white boards. For removing dry-whitebo..
Inc. VAT: £6.72
Wooden Paddle Game
Tricky game with the aim of persuading the rubber ball to land in one of the (5) holes in the wooden..
Inc. VAT: £3.90
Wooden Rattle
Ideal noise maker for any team quizzes or events ..
Inc. VAT: £4.50
Fiddle Kit - 100 Items
The ultimate fiddle kit is here! A great value selection of table topper fiddle toys packed into ..
Inc. VAT: £179.99
Fiddle Kit - 15 Items
This fantastic fiddle kit is one of our most popular! A handy cotton drawstring bag packed with 1..
Inc. VAT: £29.99
Staedtler Fineliner pens (Pack of 20)
Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 334 SB20 Desktop Box - 20 Assorted Colours.  Fibre-tip pen with ..
Inc. VAT: £26.40
Staedtler Flipchart Markers (Pack of 6)
The Staedtler Lumocolor flipchart marker is ideal for use on paper as the ink does not bleed through..
Inc. VAT: £17.40
Contour Digital Ball Pen
The Minimum Order Quantity for this item is 250. Apply your logo or message to this item. Newl..
Inc. VAT: £0.96
Lightweight, general purpose half strip stapler - perfect size for carrying in your kit box. Plas..
Inc. VAT: £5.99
Staples to use with stapler. Great value pack of 5000 staples ..
Inc. VAT: £3.30
Crystal Star on a Crystal Base
Create your own Awards.  Chunky crystal star on a crystal base, supplied in a satin lined bo..
Inc. VAT: £39.60
Star Shaped Stress Toy
Star shaped stress toy. Great for training sessions and group exercises. Simply link the item to ..
Inc. VAT: £2.16
Crystal Trophy Block
Create your own Awards. Medium optical crystal trophy block 145mm high, supplied in a satin lined..
Inc. VAT: £24.64
Sticker Dots
Dots. (40 dots per sheet x 5 sheets) - specifically for facilitation systems. Perfect for any vot..
Inc. VAT: £7.80
2-in-1 Whiteboard Markers (Pack of 8)
2-in-1 Whiteboard Marker Bullet Line 2.0mm Chisel Line 3.0-5.0mm Assorted colours as pictured. Pack ..
Inc. VAT: £23.99
A true training essential. A cheerful basic multi-purpose stopwatch with a timing range of 24 hours...
Inc. VAT: £6.60
3M Spray Mount 400ml Can
Excellent value - 400ml can 3M Spray Mount - repositionable spray for all facilitation cards. A true..
Inc. VAT: £22.79