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Health Education

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Alcohol Education Pack
The value combination pack includes the bestselling How Many Units display, the Harmful Effects of A..
Inc. VAT: £234.00
Blocked blood Vessel
Visual demonstration of a partially blocked artery. The model has fat deposits on the wall ..
Inc. VAT: £40.20
Body Mass Index Calculator (Pack of 5)
A sturdy and simple to use tool that enables people to see their ‘healthy’ weight range, and to moni..
Inc. VAT: £12.30
Dangers of Alcohol - My Bodyboard
This interactive magnetic board and pack teaches about the dangers of alcohol. It features more than..
Inc. VAT: £288.00
The DrinkSpin game has 16 illustrations of the effects of alcohol use on each side of the ..
Inc. VAT: £107.04
Drugs and Alcohol Clever Catch Ball
Clever Catch™ ball includes more than 30 questions on how drugs and alcohol affect the bod..
Inc. VAT: £15.00
Eatwell Chart (A2 Laminated Chart)
Outlining the Food Standards Agency guidelines for eating a healthy balanced diet. ..
Inc. VAT: £9.90
Effects of Drinking...too much
The 3D display examines the effects of excessive drinking with a humorous but hard-hitting twist. Th..
Inc. VAT: £178.80
Food and Nutrition Clever Catch Ball
A durably built ball packed with 96 questions designed to assist nutrition education in th..
Inc. VAT: £15.00
Healthy Eating Education Pack
Value combination pack includes 3 charts (5-A-Day Fruit, 5-A-Day Veg, Eatwell Plate), Blocked Blood ..
Inc. VAT: £154.80
How Many Units? Interactive display
An interactive display to test participants’ ability to estimate the number of units of alcohol..
Inc. VAT: £178.80
Love Your Liver - Alcoholic Liver Disease
The liver is a key organ in the body. It stores energy, fights infection and eliminates waste&n..
Inc. VAT: £178.80
Smokefree and Smoker's Lung
Simple but effective way of showing how smoking damages the lungs. The 3D model of 2 lungs ..
Inc. VAT: £178.80
Smokefree and Smoker's Mouth
A simple but effective way of showing how smoking damages your smile. The 3D model ..
Inc. VAT: £178.80
Smoker's Twenty-a-Day Tar Jar
The Tar Jar graphically demonstrates the amount of tar in tobacco smoke and helps to explain to smok..
Inc. VAT: £42.90
This game offers a new ‘spin’ on finding out about the dangers of smoking. Simply spin the..
Inc. VAT: £107.04
Smokey Joe's Lost Time Quiz Game & Display
Smokey Joe is a pack a day smoker. This eyecatching, interactive display and quiz consists of 5 jars..
Inc. VAT: £205.20
Ten top tips for staying healthy
The visual 3D display sets out the proven ten top tips for keeping healthy and reducing the risk of ..
Inc. VAT: £178.80
What's in Tobacco Smoke? Display
3D display that brings to life the warning that tobacco smoke contains more than 4000 chemicals. For..
Inc. VAT: £178.80