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Bean Bags (Set of 4)
Four colourful bean bags.   Excellent for developing motor skills, for catch and throw exerc..
£7.50 £5.63
Inc. VAT: £6.76
Bendy Men - Multicoloured (Pack of 8)
The Bendy Men - Multicoloured (Pack of 8) contains the following items: 1 x Green 1 x Yello..
£14.50 £11.60
Inc. VAT: £13.92
Clouds - Combo Pack
Value combo pack containing 50 of each sized cloud. An extremely popular facilitat..
£45.00 £33.75
Inc. VAT: £40.50
Eye Pop Man Stress Toy
Give Eye Pop Man a squeeze and watch his eyes pop out of his head! A fun little fiddle toy, whic..
£2.00 £1.60
Inc. VAT: £1.92
Fidget Spinner - Individual Colours
The Fidget Spinner  - a nifty little tool to occupy fidgeting hands and relieve stress. ..
£5.95 £4.46
Inc. VAT: £5.35
Glitter Wand
These 30 cm glitter filled plastic tubes are a great visual creative table toy and sensory tube. Gre..
£4.99 £3.74
Inc. VAT: £4.49
Inflatable Dice - 12"
This large inflatable dice makes a perfect prop for many activities in a creative training room or c..
£2.95 £2.21
Inc. VAT: £2.65
Inflatable Dolphin
Dolphins are one of the worlds most intelligent animals. This item can be used to explore what we ca..
£2.25 £1.69
Inc. VAT: £2.03
Inflatable Fitness Dice Set (Pack of 4)
Pack of 4 inflatable Fitness Dice. Two of the dice have fitness positions on, and two a..
£12.99 £9.74
Inc. VAT: £11.69
Inflatable Fraction Dice
1 Inflatable Fraction Dice chosen at random from blue, green, red, yellow, orange and purple. E..
£3.00 £2.25
Inc. VAT: £2.70
Inflatable Globe
The inflatable globe has loads of uses in the training room plus it's compact and easy to carry. ..
£3.99 £2.99
Inc. VAT: £3.59
Inflatable Neon Monkey
These 20 inch inflatable monkeys are a great visual demonstration of the time management/delegation ..
£2.08 £1.56
Inc. VAT: £1.87
Magnetic Rattlers (pack of 2)
Rattlers the powerful magnets. Great stress reliever. Extremely powerful magnetic force. To..
£2.75 £2.06
Inc. VAT: £2.47
Mr Sketch - Scented Markers (Pack of 8)
Mr Sketch selection of 8 assorted colours of chisel tip flipchart markers. The colours are vibr..
£12.00 £9.60
Inc. VAT: £11.52
Wooden Rattle
Ideal noise maker for any team quizzes or events ..
£3.75 £2.81
Inc. VAT: £3.37
Fiddle Kit - 100 Items
The ultimate fiddle kit is here! A great value selection of table topper fiddle toys packed into ..
£149.99 £112.49
Inc. VAT: £134.99
Alphabet Dice (Pack of 2)
Pack of two 30 sided dice alphabet dice specifically sourced for The Training Shop (26 letters of th..
£6.99 £5.24
Inc. VAT: £6.29
Assorted Tangles (Pack of 50)
Tangles are the original fun, twisty toy that delights adults and children. The ultimate stress..
£95.00 £76.00
Inc. VAT: £91.20