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Books & DVDs

We are constantly on the look out for new ideas and inspiration. Our book collection seeks to recommend the best books for you in each of the headline categories. 

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66 2/3 DVD
GREAT offer to secure your DVD at an exceptional price. Ideal for your resource library and continuo..
Inc. VAT: £15.00
Pocketbook - Dyslexia
Pocketbook - Dyslexia Dyslexia is not just a reading or spelling problem; it's a difficulty with ..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Emotional Intelligence
Pocketbook - Emotional Intelligence In this pocketbook - a survey of managers in a leading UK sup..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Manager
Pocketbook - Manager Read The Manager's Pocketbook and learn the POLCA, the five essential manage..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Tales for Coaching
Tales for Coaching: Using Stories and Metaphors with Individuals and Small Groups (Creating Succes)...
Inc. VAT: £29.99
Tales for Trainers
Tales for Trainers: Using Stories and Metaphors to Facilitate Learning. An introduction to using ..
Inc. VAT: £27.99
Pocketbook - Managing Upwards
Pocketbook - Managing Upwards How to get the best from your working relationship with your boss a..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Managing Workload
Pocketbook - Managing Workload The extensively illustrated pocketbook is aimed at primary and sec..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Team-building Activities for Every Group
Team-building Activities for Every Group. 107 interactive games and activities can be found in th..
Inc. VAT: £18.99
Pocketbook - Meetings
Pocketbook - Meetings All the good (and bad) things that can lead to the success (or not) of a me..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Mentoring
Pocketbook - Mentoring Companies today are increasingly relying on formal mentoring to tie in wit..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
The 10-Minute Life Coach
The 10-Minute Life Coach: Fast Working Strategies for a New You Be Your Own Life Coach by Fiona H..
Inc. VAT: £11.50
Pocketbook - NLP
Pocketbook - NLP How people think and how they respond to challenges and to other people varies f..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Openers and Closers
The Openers & Closers Pocketbook - a collection of themed and non-themed activities to give trai..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - People Manager
Pocketbook - People Manager Another popular title focussed on ways to manage difficult people and..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Outliers: The Story of Success
The Story of Success. Author: Malcolm Gladwell. A must-read business book. Why are people success..
Inc. VAT: £10.99
Pocketbook - Personal Success
Pocketbook - Personal Success According to The Personal Success Pocketbook the definition of succ..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
The Trainer's Toolkit
The Trainer's Toolkit: Bringing Brain-friendly Learning to Life This great book is a true brain-f..
Inc. VAT: £28.99
Pocketbook - Presentations
Pocketbook - Presentations This edition of The Presentations Pocketbook, published October 2009, ..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Primary Teacher
Pocketbook - Primary Teacher A pocketful of tips, tools and techniques to help you become a more ..
Inc. VAT: £9.99