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How to Lead

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How to Lead: What You Actually Need to Do to Manage, Lead and Succeed. 

What you actually need to DO to manage, lead and succeed.

There is no doubt about it - leadership skills are a very powerful career advantage. Every organization is looking for emerging leaders, and for those who stand out, there is a bright future ahead. The good news is that everybody can develop and show leadership skills, wherever you are in your career. It is never too early, or too late. An awful lot of guff has been written about leadership - whatever others would have you believe, you can be an effective leader even if you are not a composite of Nelson Mandela, Ghandi and Shackleton. How to Lead is the book to cut through the daunting hero talk, the nonsense and the fluff. Put simply, leadership is about what you do and how you behave, so that is what this book is about. Based on actual research, it sets out the practical skills and behaviours that distinguish effective from less effective leaders, and shows you how to develop and deliver these vital assets. It does not absolutely guarantee success, but it loads the dice in your favour.

Author: Jo Owen


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