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Books & DVDs

We are constantly on the look out for new ideas and inspiration. Our book collection seeks to recommend the best books for you in each of the headline categories. 

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100 Training Games
100 Training Games New Ideas­­ of Stress Management, ­­Brainstorm, ­­Shuffling Papers, ­­Overcomi..
Inc. VAT: £23.99
Ask Powerful Questions
Good For: Effective communication, Leadership development, Listening skills, Conflict transformatio..
Inc. VAT: £13.60
Beating Stress Book and Stress Dot Card
Over 150,000 copies sold worldwide. The Stress Check Book and 10 dot Stressdot Card™ have been used ..
Inc. VAT: £6.99
Beating Stress Interactive CD
Beating Stress Interactive is a cost effective tool to tackle stress management.   Based on t..
Inc. VAT: £7.19
Big Book of Brain Building Games
The Big Book of Brain-Building Games: Fun Activities to Stimulate the Brain for Better Learning, Com..
Inc. VAT: £27.50
Big Book of Business Games
Big Book of Business Games: Icebreakers, Creativity Exercises and Meeting Energizers Break the ic..
Inc. VAT: £17.95
Big Book of Creativity Games
The Big Book of Creativity Games: Quick, Fun Activities for Jumpstarting Innovation  In the ..
Inc. VAT: £23.99
Big Book of Flip Charts
Big Book of Flip Charts: A Comprehensive Guide for Presenters, Trainers and Facilitators. With al..
Inc. VAT: £21.50
Big Book of Icebreakers
Big Book of Icebreakers: 50 Quick, Fun Activities for Energizing Meetings and Workshops  Lea..
Inc. VAT: £16.99
Big Book of Leadership Games
The Big Book of Leadership Games: Quick, Fun, Activities to Improve Communication, Increase Producti..
Inc. VAT: £22.95
Big Book of Low-Cost Training Games
Big Book of Low-Cost Training Games: Quick, Effective Activities that Explore Communication, Goal Se..
Inc. VAT: £18.99
Big Book of Motivation Games
The Big Book of Motivation Games: Quick, Fun Ways to Get People Energized This addition to the be..
Inc. VAT: £19.95
Big Book of Presentation Games
The Big Book of Presentation Games: Wake-Em-Up Tricks, Icebreakers, and Other Fun Stuff Do not le..
Inc. VAT: £17.99
Big Book of Sales Games
Big Book of Sales Games: Quick, Fun Activities for Improving Selling Skills or Livening Up a Sales M..
Inc. VAT: £23.95
Big Book of Stress Relief Games
The Big Book of Stress Relief Games: Quick, Fun Activities for Feeling Better. These quick games,..
Inc. VAT: £18.99
Business Coaching
The Financial Times Guide to Business Coaching The FT Guide to Business Coaching shows you everyt..
Inc. VAT: £21.50
Call Centers For Dummies
Call Centers for Dummies  In North America, call centres are a $13 billion business, employi..
Inc. VAT: £19.50
Communication Excellence DVD
We have teamed together with our colleagues at InterActive Performance Management to offer their DVD..
£67.00 £40.00
Inc. VAT: £48.00
Flip Charts: How to Draw and How to Use
Flip Charts: How to Draw Them and How to Use Them  Your flip-chart expertise--or lack thereo..
Inc. VAT: £44.65
How to Coach
How to Coach: Coaching Yourself and your Team to Success. Great managers do more than manage..
Inc. VAT: £17.99
How To Design And Deliver Great Training
How To Design And Deliver Great Training: Learn How to Turn any Material into Lively Engaging and Ef..
Inc. VAT: £15.75
How to Lead
How to Lead: What You Actually Need to Do to Manage, Lead and Succeed.  What you actually ne..
Inc. VAT: £12.99
How to Run a Great Workshop
How to Run a Great Workshop: The Complete Guide to Designing and Running Brilliant Workshops and Mee..
Inc. VAT: £15.99
Icebreakers 2
IceBreakers 2: 64 More Games and Fun Activities IceBreakers 2 includes 64 MORE games and activiti..
Inc. VAT: £10.50
If: Questions for the Game of Life
If: Questions for the Game of Life... In an elegant, two-color format, punctuated with intriguing..
Inc. VAT: £15.99
Interviewer Resource Pack
Competency Based Interviewing is one of the most effective recruitment methods and is growing in pop..
Inc. VAT: £39.99
Kickstart Your Class
Kick-Start Your Class: Academic Icebreakers to Engage Students The New York Times bestseller auth..
Inc. VAT: £17.85
MBTI - About your 16 room mansion CD
Behavioural and personality assessments are widely used in organisations for many purposes. One of t..
Inc. VAT: £35.94
More Quick Team-Building Activities for Busy Managers
More Quick Team-Building Activities for Busy Managers: 50 New Exercises That Get Results in 15 Minut..
Inc. VAT: £15.99
One Minute Manager - Gung Ho!
The One Minute Manager - Gung Ho!: How to Motivate People in Any Organization An invaluable new s..
£7.99 £3.99
Inc. VAT: £3.99
Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team
Overcoming The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Field Guide for Leaders, Managers, and Facilitators ..
Inc. VAT: £18.99
Pocketbook - Assertiveness
Assertiveness is the ability to maintain the right balance between your own needs and other people's..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Behaviour Management
Pocketbook - Behaviour Management A pocketful of tips, tools and techniques for creating calm cla..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Energy and Well-being
Pocketbook - Energy and Well-Being Did you bounce into work this morning, brimming with energy an..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Facilitator
Pocketbook - Facilitator The 'facilitraining rainbow' won't lead you to a pot of gold but it will..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Feedback
Pocketbook - Feedback Lack of feedback and coaching to aid development is the third most cited re..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - I.T. Trainer
Pocketbook - I.T. Trainer The I.T. Trainer Pocketbook explains training needs analysis and how ad..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Icebreaker
Pocketbook - Icebreaker The Icebreakers Pocketbook contains some 40 original activities that will..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Impact and Presence
Pocketbook: Impact & Presence The Impact & Presence Pocketbook explains the importance of..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Influencing
Influencing skills are at the heart of all successful communication. The Influencing Pocketbook exam..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Learner
Pocketbook - Learner The Learner's Pocketbook encourages individuals to take responsibility for t..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Learning to Learn
Pocketbook - Learning to Learn It was in response to requests from teachers that Learning to Lear..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Managing Your Appraisal
The Managing Your Appraisal Pocketbook is written from the appraisee's standpoint. It encourages peo..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Networking
Anyone you might want to contact in the world is only 5-6 people contacts away from you, maintains J..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Nurturing Innovation
Pocketbook - Nurturing Innovation Innovation is the life-blood of all enterprises, public and pri..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Primary Teacher
Pocketbook - Primary Teacher A pocketful of tips, tools and techniques to help you become a more ..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Self-managed Development
Pocketbook: Self-Manageed Development  The Self-managed Development Pocketbook gives an over..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Storytelling
Pocketbook - Storytelling. Storytelling, when used as a strategic tool, helps managers and leader..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Stress
Pocketbook - Stress Learning to manage stress at work benefits both the individual and the organi..
Inc. VAT: £9.99
Pocketbook - Tackling Difficult Conversations
Pocketbook - Tackling Difficult Conversations At some stage or other we all have to deal with dif..
Inc. VAT: £9.99