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Accelerated Learning

Accelerated Learning is not a theory, a methodology or a philosophy. It's more to do with the recognition that people learn in different ways. To make learning really effective the best trainers act as learning 'facilitators' - inspiring learning - rather than simply relying on passive instruction.

Whilst Accelerated Learning has at its core business focussed and learner centred objectives the following are essential ingredients:

  • The creation of a stimulating learning environment
  • The need to engage learners with a variety of activities and methods
  • The desire to keep participants alert and energised
  • Using knowledge of how the brain and our senses work to improve retention

Remember, the average attention span of an adult in the passive mode is about 15 minutes. Without additional brain stimulation it will be difficult to maintain the levels of alertness and engagement required for learning.

Accelerated Learning techniques provide the necessary stimulation to keep the delegates - and the trainer - alert, alive, invigorated and optimistic throughout the day.


Accelerated Learning techniques improve the speed and effectiveness of learning. You can expect learners to be more motivated and to learn more. 

There are also several benefits for you as a trainer:

  • Cover more content in less time
  • Make it easy for delegates to digest content that is complex or theoretical
  • Increase retention by creating vivid and memorable learning experiences
  • Facilitate transfer of learning to the work place
  • Tried and tested brain stimulants

All of our products have been selected to help make your training not only fun but more effective. They typically tap into some tried and tested brain stimulants:

Colour - Proven to increase short term memory by 75% and longer term memory by 25%
Scent - Quicker and unfiltered access to the brain than any other sense. Exposure to scent can raise attention and awareness levels dramatically.
Sound / Music - Charges and energises the brain. Music with a fast beat can perk up even the most passive participants.
Movement - Stimulates the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain and provides the body with more sensory cues to trigger and facilitate recall.
Touch - Stimulates the nerve endings near the skin that send messages to the brain