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Pocketbook - Dyslexia

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Pocketbook - Dyslexia

Dyslexia is not just a reading or spelling problem; it's a difficulty with language - reading, writing, speaking, spelling and information processing. It can, in turn, lead to social problems. This pocketbook is a practical guide to helping dyslexic students overcome their learning barriers and unlock their potential. Now in its 2nd edition, this extensively illustrated book is aimed not only at teachers in primary and secondary schools in the UK, but is equally relevant to those working overseas.

It provides: 

  • An outline of what dyslexia is and ways to recognise 'at risk of dyslexia' signs.
  • Information about learning profiles of dyslexic students.
  • Suggested solutions and practical techniques.
  • Ways to improve the performance of dyslexic students and pointers to further resources 

Following an opening chapter, What is Dyslexia? the book moves on to consider how multi-sensory learning can benefit students with dyslexia. Practical tools and techniques are provided for reading, handwriting, spelling, maths, speaking & listening, music, study skills and organisation. Raising self-esteem and using the 6 'Ls' for written and verbal communication (legibility, layout, language, links, large picture/little chunks, let it settle & look again) are given chapters of their own as are the many different theories and practices currently in use.

Paperback, 128 Pages

Author: Julie Bennett

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