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Communication Excellence DVD

Product Code: TS0533

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We have teamed together with our colleagues at InterActive Performance Management to offer their DVD for sale. This DVD is informative and innovative and is the first in their series called Handling Difficult Conversations.

DVD information:

Do YOU want to tackle poor performance... transform your business... and guarantee training impacts massively on your bottom line?
This DVD shows your staff how to use tried and tested strategies to handle difficult conversations and enjoy the increased productivity and reduced stress that brings.
Using this DVD will give your people insights into where they are going wrong...give them straight advice on how to improve...and give them the chance to learn over and over again. And all for a fraction of the cost of putting on one training your business gets maximum impact for minimum budget...
Watch people get it wrong...listen to the learning points...pick up the right ways...

During this DVD, we follow the employees of VXM Engineering as they respond to a complaint from an important customer concerning a missed deadline. We observe how various meetings are handled through the day and present alternative strategies that result in much clearer and useful outcomes. 

After each meeting, the participants are coached by one of our senior coaches and discuss how they handled the meeting and what improvements they could make. Then, they have the meeting again with several new ways of operating and tackle the same issues. 

At the end of this meeting, they again receive feedback from the same coach and explore how their performance has improved when using the new techniques. Individuals can practise over and over again...until they've got it... We are not promising that one viewing of this DVD will totally transform the performance of your staff and colleagues. That is a wonderful idea, but we are realistic and experienced in how people improve their performance. 

Rather, we guarantee that if they watch the DVD, read the accompanying information and use the prompt card provided, his or her performance will steadily, solidly improve over time and, they will be able to handle difficult conversations much more effectively. This resource gives you 74 minutes of value added coaching delivered via a DVD - see a clip 

PLEASE NOTE - there are no returns on this item unless there is a fault.

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